Workplace Solutions to Back Pain, Shoulder Tendinitis, Tennis Elbow & Other Musculoskeletal Disorders (MSD):
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MSD Hazard Recognition, Assessment, Control and Evaluation


The process from identification to controlling MSD hazards includes a series of steps, which are outlined in the Recognize-Assess-Control-Evaluate (RACE) process.

  1. Recognize MSD Hazards
  2. Assess MSD Risk: Tool Picker
  3. Control MSD Hazards: Control Picker
  4. Evaluate MSD Controls


Plan your RACE process:












MSD prevention site factsheet

What's New?

We are working to continuously develop the MSD Prevention Guideline. Watch for new content, including more resources and case studies.



MSD prevention site factsheet

Introduction Factsheet

Download the factsheet introducing the new MSD Prevention Guideline for Ontario.




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Success Stories

Read success stories and case studies about preventing MSD. These stories may apply to your workplace and help you make the right decision. 



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Frequently Asked Questions

There are lots of myths about preventing MSD at work. With good information and actions, MSD can be prevented.


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